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Which Amazon Fire Devices Are Supported?
Which Amazon Fire Devices Are Supported?
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The Amazon Fire HD line of tablets are a great an inexpensive choice for running the RecallCue Day Clock app. The RecallCue app is available in the Amazon App store directly or if you prefer you can install Google Play Services on these tablets as well.

Currently this is the list of Fire tablet models (and model numbers) supported by RecallCue:

Fire HD 10 (2019) KFMAWI

Fire 7 (2019) KFMUWI

Fire HD 8 (2018) KFKAWI

Fire HD 8 (2020) KFONWI

Fire HD 10 (2021) KFTRWI

Fire HD 10 Plus (2021) KFTRPWI

Fire HD 8 (2022) KFRAWI

Fire HD 8 Plus (2022) KFRAPWI

Fire 7 (2022) KFQUWI

Fire Max 11 (2023) KFSNWI

Fire HD 10 (2023) KFTUWI

  • We strongly recommend at least a 10 inch tablet for running RecallCue.

  • Make sure that you use the power adapter and cable that come with your Amazon tablet.

  • By default Amazon tablets don't ship with access to the Google Play Store. You can easily install this (if you choose) by following the directions in this video. RecallCue is available in the Amazon App Store so this step is optional!

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