How to Set Alarms
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Alarms allow you to have a scheduled pop-up message appear on your Day Clock. In addition to the message an alarm can have a sound that plays (including a recorded message), a photo, and a button to acknowledge the alarm. An example for using an alarm may be a medication reminder with a picture of the pills. You can check when the last time the button on an alarm was pushed so you know your loved one saw the message.

Unlike instant messages and scheduled reminders, with alarms you can select which day clocks show the alarm.

To set an alarm:

  1. From the home screen click on the + action button in the lower right of the screen

  2. Select "Set Alarm"

  3. Enter the text to display in the alarm pop-up.

  4. Customize the button text to show in the acknowledgement button.

  5. Select or record a sound to play.

  6. Optionally attach a photo

  7. Set the "Auto Hide" timer so that the alarm will close even if not acknowledged.

  8. Choose the scheduled days and on which clocks to show the alarm.

  9. Click the "βœ“" in the upper right hand corner

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