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Managing Your Subscription
Upgrading to a Pro Subscription
Upgrading to a Pro Subscription
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RecallCue includes a 7 day trial of Pro features giving you access to all the benefits of the app. When your free trial ends you can continue to use the Free version of RecallCue or upgrade and continue to use all the Pro features.

The free version of RecallCue Day clock allows unlimited use of:

  • Single Day Clock

  • Analog/Digital Display

  • Multi Lingual Support

  • Light and Dark Modes

  • Customized Day Clock Views

To benefit from all the features of RecallCue you can purchase a Pro subscription.

The Pro subscription adds the following features:

  • Send instant messages

  • Set alarms and reminders

  • Display real time weather info

  • Share photos and create albums

  • 2 way video calls

  • Play music

  • Multiple day clocks per account

  • Multiple family members per account

  • Google calendar integration

Upgrading to Pro is done only via the RecallCue phone app. To upgrade click on any of the upgrade options found on either your home screen or the main menu and select the monthly or annual plans.

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