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Configuring Your Day Clock
How to Enable and Use Sleep Mode
How to Enable and Use Sleep Mode
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All day clock settings are accessed from the RecallCue app on your phone.

Sleep mode allows you to set a time range that will automatically adjust certain clock settings so as not to disturb someone who is resting or sleeping.

When sleep mode is enabled and it is between the times indicated:

  • The screen will dim to the selected brightness level.

  • Sound notifications won't play even if the setting is enabled.

  • Music sent to a clock from the Media feature will not play.

  • When placing a video call a warning will appear reminding you that sleep mode is enabled.

To enable and configure Sleep Mode:

  1. From the home screen click on the menu icon in the upper left hand of the screen

  2. Select "Day Clocks" from the menu

  3. Click on the day Clock you want to edit

  4. Find the "Sleep Mode" option and toggle it on.

  5. Choose the start and stop times that sleep mode will be enabled

  6. Set the brightness level of the screen during sleep mode.

  7. Click the Save button

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