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Configuring Your Day Clock
How to Change the Day Clock Screen Brightness
How to Change the Day Clock Screen Brightness
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All day clock settings are accessed from the RecallCue app on your phone.

The default brightness of a day clock can be adjusted and made brighter or dimmer depending on your needs. For example a clock that is in a bedroom you may want to set dimmer so it doesn't disturb someone resting or sleeping. A clock in a living room may need to be set at the brightest level because of light from windows.

To set the default brightness level:

  1. From the home screen click on the menu icon in the upper left hand of the screen

  2. Select "Day Clocks" from the menu

  3. Click on the day Clock you want to edit

  4. Find the "Default Brightness" option and increase or reduce the brightness as needed (1 is dimmest and 10 is brightest)

  5. Click the Save button

If you are looking for a dynamic brightness during certain hours, look for the article and video on using "Sleep Mode".

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