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How to Play a Music Playlist of a Day Clock
How to Play a Music Playlist of a Day Clock
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Music has so many proven benefits for people living with dementia. RecallCue Connect phone app allows you to easily search for and "send" and YouTube playlist to your loved ones day clock. You can even stop, start and select a new playlist from the phone.

To use the Connect phone app to send a playlist:

  1. Select "Media" from the bottom navigation bar

  2. In the search bar type the name of band or song you are looking for (or paste a YouTube playlist URL)

  3. Click the search icon on your phone virtual keyboard.

  4. Select which playlist to send from the results.

  5. The playlist takes about 15-20 seconds t o start playing on the day clock

  6. You can pause or stop the playlist using the media bar that appears on the bottom of the screen when the music starts.

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