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How to Enable and Use Motion Detection
How to Enable and Use Motion Detection
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All day clock settings are accessed from the RecallCue app on your phone.

Motion detection is a great way to monitor if a loved one is wandering at night or not getting up on time in the morning. Using the front facing camera on your day clock tablet RecallCue will log and let you view when the motion took place. RecallCue uses AI models to distinguish between human motion and background motion. For example, the movement of window curtains or a bouncing ball should not be picked up.

To set up motion detection:

  1. From the home screen click on the menu icon in the upper left hand of the screen

  2. Select "Day Clocks" from the menu

  3. Click on the day Clock you want to enable motion detection on

  4. Set the sensitivity level and the start and end times.

  5. Click the Save button

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