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How to Place a "Check-In” Video Call
How to Place a "Check-In” Video Call
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"Check-In" video calls allow you to place a two-way video call from your Connect phone app to any Day Clock in your account. The calls can be either click to answer or auto-answer.

In order to use the video call feature you must make sure that the camera and microphone permissions permissions were granted to RecallCue at the first time you installed the app. If you did not accept the permissions you can remove and reinstall RecallCue to be prompted again. The permissions must be accepted on both your phone and the tablet running the Day Clock.

To place a video call:

  1. Select "Check In" from the bottom navigation bar.

  2. Select your Day Clock from the "Select a Day Clock to Call" drop down list .

  3. Check "auto-answer" if you want to place an auto answer call. ( Click here for instructions o how enable this.)

  4. Click the Check In button.

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